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Psychological Services For Your Mind and Body

We want to help you move forward. Depending on what may be most beneficial, we provide assessment, consultation, therapy, and coaching services to help you do just that.

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Behavioral Sleep Medicine

Sleep is important!  We provide evidenced based treatment (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia), to help you get back to sleeping well and moving forward!

Assessment & Consultation

We provide disability and vocational rehabilitation evaluations, in addition to working with organizations and teams towards 

identifying solutions for difficulties you may be facing.

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Individual Treatment

We are all human, we all face challenges, and you are not alone. Our focus is based on helping you retrain your mind and body towards identifying difficulties and moving beyond them. 

Health and Wellness

Get your mind and body back in balance. The old saying goes "If you don't take time for health, you will have to make time for illness".

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A collaborative approach towards gaining purpose and meaning while identifying goals and reaching new heights.



If in-person meetings may be too difficult, we offer telehealth options for your convenience for various services. 

What We Do

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