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Financial Policy and Fees

Cost per session:
At this time, sessions cost $200 each visit.


Aspire Psychological Services does not accept any insurances at this time. Patients have an option to request an itemized receipt of payment for services which will be fulfilled at the end of each month. This may be used to submit to your insurance company. It is the patient's responsibility to handle this submission.

Why don’t you take insurance? 
Aspire providers believe in the value of spending time with patients and providing comprehensive care. Due to decreasing reimbursement rates and increasing costs associated with following up on insurance claims it has become quite difficult to provide optimal care while taking insurance. Many of our patients with high deductible health plans were paying for services out of pocket anyway, and actually pay less through our current practice model. Our patients have also expressed concerns about their privacy and the impact the diagnoses our providers submitted to insurance could have on their health or life insurance rates. 
Are there more affordable options?
If financial concerns are prohibitive towards ability to work with one of our Aspire providers, please let us know as certain spaces are reserved for working with individuals based on a sliding scale.

Payment at Aspire Psychological Services:
At each meeting time payment is due, unless another payment plan has been established. Thus, the patient will pay their fee online with a credit card. 
Cancellation Policy:
Your appointment is specifically held for you and as a courtesy to others, please call at least 24 hours (at least 1 business day) before your appointment to cancel. If you are not present for your scheduled meeting and have not given a 24 hour (at least 1 business day) notification to your provider, you will be required to pay the full cost of the meeting.

Veteran's Evaluations and Assessments
If you are a Veteran and have scheduled an assessment or evaluation through the Veteran's Health Administration, this is at no cost to you. Please check with your VA provider for further information or questions. 

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